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    Private Party Combo - Blackjack & Poker for 1 hour each

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    NOTE: Zoom breakout rooms work best on Desktop PCs and Laptops. It does not work on Chromebooks/Chrome OS. Functions may be limited on iPhones and Android Phones. For the self-select breakout room to work properly, the user will also need to be on a Zoom version 5.3 or higher. You may add a host to the main room to help people navigate to their respective rooms. The host has the ability to ask guests where they wish to go and then move them manually. Read more at click here

    MAIN ROOM HOSTS (only applies if using multiple breakout rooms)

    For some card games such as blackjack and poker, even though we use larger print decks, cards may be difficult to see. With one camera (included), you will see both the table and dealer in the same image - cards will be smaller but the dealer will tell everyone which cards they have so it does not pose any issue. If you wish to have two cameras per table (extra charge), one camera (larger image) will appear in the main window as a screen share and the dealer will appear in a smaller window alongside guests. Cards on the table will easily visible but the dealer will appear the same as the guests attending.

    Our virtual gaming tables come to you live from our offices in Philadelphia and New Jersey. All tables are placed against blank white walls with the camera focus on the dealer and gaming table. We have the ability to hang custom photographic backdrops if you prefer. Virtual backgrounds do not work even with a green screen.

    You may NOT play for cash or cash prizes at any time. Services provided are for entertainment purposes only. If you wish to be notified of your top winners, we require a list of full names at least 24 hours in advance so that our dealers can keep a proper tally at each of the gaming tables.