Casino VR

VR Philly Casino

New Jersey Casino Parties is affiliated through our parent company Rainbow Promotions, Inc with Philly VR, a leader in Virtual Reality rentals and experiences. We are now pleased to be able to offer the VR experience as an addition to your regular casino games.

Currently we offer two VR casino experiences – Blackjack (single player mode) and Poker (multiplayer mode). Both games are played on the Oculus GO systems.

5 Oculus Go Headsets with controllers
1 Recharging Station
Pre-loaded casino experiences
1 On-site technician
PRICE: $675
***WiFi access and electric are required.

Black Jack Bailey VR
Blackjack Bailey VR is the first VR Blackjack game for virtual reality. It features charismatic dealer named Bailey, who is the coolest 21 dealer to ever grace a virtual casino. She actually encourages you to win!  Play 21 in the privacy of your VR headset. It plays in first view as if you were at a real Casino. If you like winning then you’re in luck! The odds are always stacked in your favor as you practice your skills by playing double deck blackjack with an unlimited bankroll!

Poker VR
Poker VR is the most comprehensive social product built for Oculus GO. From matchmaking, tournaments, leaderboards, to avatars, gifts, and ranks, Poker VR offers plethora of features designed with only thing in mind: improving your social experience.