Custom Cards & Chips

Please note with all of your casino games selected from us, all accessories are always included at no extra charge. We always provide the cards and chips required to play any of the games. However, some clients like to have custom imprinted items for name recognition and branding or simply as souvenirs to give to guests. Please read our guidelines below before ordering and feel free to speak with us at any time before placing an order!

Custom Cards
If you wish to have your own imprinted custom playing cards for us to use at your event, please be sure they are professional casino playing cards. Please do not imprint plastic cards. You will need 8-10 decks per blackjack table and 8-10 decks per poker table. We recommend using Make Playing Cards for your custom printing needs.

Custom Chips
Using custom printed chips gets a bit more complicated as you will literally need hundreds for an average size party. They must also come in specific colors and quantities based on your selected games. Imprinted chips must be casino weight and not the usually light plastic chips that most printing houses try to use. Custom chips can run $0.50-$0.69 each. So the cost will add up very fast. Before placing any order, we strongly suggest you consult with our casino operations manager to determine colors and quantities that will be needed. We recommend for this service should you choose to proceed.