How It All Works

While each New Jersey Casino event is fully customized to your specific needs, we offer the following recommendations as a guide in planning the flow of your event.

Registration & Table Vouchers
Guests upon arrival check in at your registration table and are presented with a table pass or voucher (which we supply to you at no charge).

In the case of fundraisers in New Jersey & Delaware, they make a donation or purchase a ticket to your event and the voucher for chips is given as a thank you.  Each voucher is worth a set denomination in chips. (In Pennsylvania, you cannot charge for chips and can only play for entertainment.)

We generally recommend that a voucher be worth $200 in chips for a fundraiser and $400 in chips for corporate and private events, but this can be set for any amount that you prefer. Guests then take the voucher to any of the casino tables they wish to start with and receive their actual chips for play.

Chip Denominations & Minimum Bets
Chips for all our tables (except roulette) come in three basic denominations:
Red = $5
Green = $25
Black = $100
We can also offer – Red w. White Stripe = $500, and Blue w. White Stripe = $1000

We generally recommend a Minimum Bet on all tables of  $5  and a Maximum Bet of $200.  Again, these are just suggestions and you can vary the amounts. Also, it can be fun in the last half hour of the event to raise the minimum bet to $10 or $25, especially for fundraisers.

The one exception to chip colors is roulette in order to identify the different players. Also, on roulette, we can allow a $1 minimum bet but you must place five $1 bets at a time. This makes the game even more fun.

Some players will run out of chips before the evening is finished.

If you are doing a fundraiser, they can make an additional donation to your charity in exchange for more chips. (NJ & DE only – see state regulations; You may not purchase chips at any time in Pennsylvania).

For private and corporate functions, we generally recommend that they simply be given another allotment of $200 in chips (table voucher) or whatever amount you so choose. The evening is for fun, even if prizes are being given out, and it is always better to have everyone playing and enjoying themselves.

Cashing Out at the End of The Evening
We have two basic methods for finishing up the evening that we recommend. In all cases, our dealers handle all the accounting for you. (Please note, awarding of prizes is subject to state laws, please see regulations for state ion which your event occurs to be sure you are in compliance.)

Method 1 – Top Winners
Based on the number of prizes you choose to have, we can count up everyone’s chips at the end of the evening and tell you who the top winners are in order of chip amounts. Prizes are then given to first place, second place, etc.

Method 2 – Raffle Tickets
This is usually the preferred method. At the end of the evening, guests cash out their chips for a two part raffle ticket (we supply at no charge). So for example, for every $50 in chips you get a raffle ticket. The more chips, the more tickets and the better your odds of winning a prize. You can of course set the cash out amount to anything you like. As to prize distribution, you can call out the winning numbers at the end of the evening per prize; OR you can also display the prizes with a raffle basket in front of each prize. Guests then place one half of the two part ticket in a basket to the corresponding prize they prefer to have a chance to win.