Millennials Take On Casino Games


Ask the average Millennial what they think of going to a casino or playing casino games and you may get a response that such activity is for “older folks”. After all, casinos pre-date the technological era this group was raised in. But ask the same Millennials again after they have attended a Philly Casino Party and they will tell you it was one of the best hands-on events they ever participated in.

Millennials have taken over as the largest demographic in the United States. They’re the 18-34 year old who attend a lot of events and have an astounding amount of buying power. If you haven’t yet made a concerted effort to marketing to this new audience, you are missing out. 

Why a Casino Party? The bottom line, Millennials love a good challenge. They also love rolling up their sleeves for some healthy competition.  Enter gamification, but in this case, what was once considered “old” is actually completely new to this generation. Calculating odds, taking risks, and trying to amass more “winnings” then their fellow competitors has great appeal.

Forget cocktail hour and bland receptions for creating networking opportunities. By facilitating a group activity such as a casino party you are innately providing a hands-on creative networking opportunity with a far lasting impression.

Millennials tend to be more introverted and may have a hard time generating conversations. Casino parties act as an organic icebreaker, if you will, helping attendees make the connections they desire and readily providing conversation opportunities facilitated by trained dealers at each of the gaming tables.

This group loves getting freebies and swag. The cooler the item, the more excited these guests will be. But winning those freebies is over the top. With everyone having a chance to win prizes from playing the casino games, the excitement simply grows throughout the event.

Millennials readily embrace companies that give back to good causes and may become brand loyalists based on a sponsor’s support for a particular event. Adding a fundraising element to your casino event can support this. Casino Parties that support a charity or cause can have a huge impact and solidify this group. 

Philly Casino Parties is sensitive to the fact that Millennials want to be surprised and impressed with an event that exceeds expectations. Their attendance at casino events are not about gambling but about an opportunity to build community and relationships that last even after the event has passed.